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FXT00V-ES08-S Kawasaki 35HP V-Twin Engine - Replacement Kit for Dixie Chopper with Generac GTV990 33HP
FXT00V-ES08-S Kawasaki 35HP V-Twin Engine - Replacement Kit for Dixie Chopper with Generac GTV990 33HP

FXT00V-ES08-S Kawasaki 35HP V-Twin Engine - Replacement Kit for Dixie Chopper with Generac GTV990 33HP

Part Number:FXT00V-ES08-S-KIT

Important Information

FXT00V-ES08-S-KIT has been replaced, New Part # FXT00V-HS00S-KIT click here.
Genuine Dixie Chopper Part FXT00V-ES08-S-KIT

FXT00V-ES08-S-KIT Kawasaki 35HP FXT00V-ES08 V-Twin Engine

This is a Genuine Kawasaki Engines Part - Kawasaki 35HP FXT00V-ES08 V-Twin Engine FXT00V-ES08-S-KIT

• Original Kawasaki Engines Part Number FXT00V-ES08-S-KIT

Replace that 4 stroke 33HP Generac Engine on your Dixie Chopper Comercial & Industrial Lawn Mower with a upgraded 35HP Kawasaki!

GTV990 (600391) 33HP Generac Engine Replacement Kit for Dixie Chopper – Upgrades to a Kawasaki 35HP FXT00V-ES08 V-Twin

*** For Engines with PTO Clutches ***

Engine # FXT00V-ES08-S
Muffler # 600558
Electric Clutch (PTO) Pulley # 600138 (200911)

* Does not come assembled - May require hardware. *

This engine will bolt right onto your compatible Dixie Chopper and offers an immediate power upgrade from the Generac 33HP. Unfortunately the Generac engine is no longer available, but this replacement kit offers a more powerful and easy to install alternative.

Important: You must use the pulley included in the kit as the shaft on the replacement Kawasaki is slightly larger than the original Generac GTV990.

If you need assistance determining if this engine will fit your unti please do not hesitate to call us. Our Parts Specialists can help you make sure you get the right engine for your Dixie Chopper!
Call us toll free at 1-800-704-4241 (Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm EST Sat 9am - 1pm)

FX1000V engine is a V-twin 4-cycle engine which was designed to provide major muscle and features three valves per cylinder, a twin barrel internally vented carburetor with fuel shut-off solenoid, and a shift-type starter.

FX Series
Major power and commercial-grade strength are on tap from the Kawasaki FX Series engines. When you’re looking for power for your mower or heavy duty industrial and construction equipment, you’ll find it here. All FX engines are Critical Power SAE-Certified, compact, 90-degree V-twin engines. Every one features hemispherical combustion chambers and overhead V-valve technology that helps ensure low emissions, high power, and smooth operation.

The engine is a top-of-the-line power plant for commercial mowers and heavy duty industrial and construction equipment.

Overhead v-valve
90° V-twin
Pressurized lubrication system
Electronic spark ignition
Automatic compression release
High efficiency oil cooler
Rotating metal grass chopper screen
Multi-Stage canister air filter
Cast-iron cylinder liners
Metal engine cover with integrated clean out ports
Heavy duty shift-type starter

IMPORTANT NOTE - All engine deliveries must be to a BUSINESS ADDRESS that fits the following requirements: • The business must be open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. • The business must have a forklift or a loading ramp so the driver can unload with a pallet jack. By ordering you are agreeing that the seller is not responsible if the shipping location has not met the qualifications for delivery. *IF ENGINE IS NOT INSTALLED BY AN AUTHORIZED DEALER, THE WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED.*

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Classic 3360 W (2012)
Classic 3360HP
Classic 3372HP
XCaliber 3366
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